Essay on Refining Intelligence

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Tim Shields
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28 Feb. 2014 What's Intelligence? What does it mean to have intelligence or to be intelligent? Most would say that being smart and outdoing everyone that you know is being intelligent or having intelligence but is it? The New Webster Dictionary describes “intelligence” as “1. The power of knowing and understanding; mental capacity. 2., new information, secret information. 3, a staff of persons engaged in obtaining information.”
There are certain qualities in a person that people like to have or would wish to have just in order to have intelligence but does this not make him or her as intelligent as the other? There are way to many different forms of intelligence out there in the world such as emotional intelligence, human intelligence, social intelligence and so on. Just because there are gifted students in schools in gifted classes and slower kids in special classes getting extra help with work does this not make them any more intelligent than the smart kids? Intelligence should be described as “the way we act on things throughout life with the knowledge that we have.” Many people would say that it is an insult to kids who are less gifted than others in special classes, to say that that kid is not intelligent at all. No way can we say that anyone is more intelligent or less intelligent to anyone because he or she does not know that persons true potential. To be honest each and every one of us indiviudually are intelligent in some way form or fashion, it is the way that God made us out to be. Tie computers and machines in with being intelligent..are they? Yes us as human we type a question on a computer and it gives us an answer or we fill out our bills over the computer with the use of our iphones or android phones. Just because technology may be able to do all of these different things than what about us as indivduals and books. Does that mean that the books that are written are not intelligent and well thought out or is the person who wrote the book not intelligent enough? In a way books and machines are intelligent by the things that are accomplished by them.

The term intelligence has been defined in many ways such as in ones knowledge capacity, abstract thought, understanding, self-awareness, communication, learning knowledge and etc. There are just many difference aspects of life, both physical and mental that us as people rely on each and everyday. Him or her wanting the strive to be excellent or intelligent in some form way or fashion. Trying to please his or her parents to achieve that form of excellence that his or parents want them to achieve. Us as individuals should live up to our own expectations and be intelligent in our on way and not listen to what everyone else says what we should be or amount to. We are our own person and no one should tell us if we are intelligent or not. Intelligence primarily should be referred the way we act on things throughout life with the knowledge that we have. Society plays such a big role on how people view themselves as people, weather they are small, big, tall, or short, he or she is a different ethnicity, there are judgmental people everywhere that we go. Different people will judge a kid by his or her appearance because of the way they walk, maybe he or she has a limp that they have, a defect that they were born with. People tend to lead of and say that that kid or person is not intelligent just by that, so does that mean that Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles were not intelligent by being blind and being able to play the piano and interpret the different and intriguing things that they had to do. Is that not intelligence to people, if not then people do not know what intelligence really is. Personally if there are people out in the world who can do these type of things such as what Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles did and what they accomplished in their lifetime is intelligent, and not just intelligent, I would