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Refining Solutions Week 3
Chris Page

Being easily distracted while staying on task and returning to the original task for completion has been a challenge for me. Reading the four stages in the creative process within problem solving (list the four stages) by Vincent Ruggiero (2009), I establish a few solutions. Within the solutions I was able to reason and discover obstacles which would prevent the solutions from being successful. Refining solutions to deter my challenge created an initial and best solution in which compels reassessing due to solutions are under no circumstances flawless.
Refining my solutions of jotting down the current task while being interrupted to commence additional assignments, permits opportunity for errors. “…If your solution involves doing something (as, for example, in a new process), answer these questions.
• How exactly is it to be done, step-by-step?
• By whom is it to be done?
• When is it to be done? (According to what timetable?)
• Where is it to be done?
• Who will finance it?
• What tools or materials, if any, are to be used?
• From what source will they be obtained?
• How and by whom will they be transported?
• Where will they be stored?
• What special conditions, if any, will be required for the solution to be carried out?...” Vincent Ruggiero (2009)
Depending on the task paper and pen may not be available or any other type of ledgering may perhaps present health or life threating hazard. My family engaging in home remolding on the weekend occasionally I am on the roof or just in an elevated position when solicited for another task because of my location being exactly were considered necessary. However, the position leaves my solution with a flaw or flaws. Within the working environment routinely, requested to deviate off course to assist, pickup or etc.., a co-worker at another park across town prohibits journaling, while driving. This week I attempted to exploit the note or jotting down method which was extremely unsuccessful, I either forgot to create the note or overlooked the note before a new urgent task was assigned.
Closing the office door during an agreed upon time on a routine basis appears to be the initial decision. Any new office policies or routine involves approval prior to engaging. Journaling current task providing the situation permits or remembering to return to existing task has flaws. Refining the solution steers into organization of work and space, demands organization for a systematic routine flow. Organized working environment will produce an efficient work flow in which, is effective and productive. Developing a project task flow, which tracks dead line dates, allows for prioritization and task completion dates could also provide some assistance. Keeping this task flow chart as part of my screen popup when the computer is not being used and upon touching any key the computer system causes the project task manager to resurface. Task reminder can also be