Essay Reflcetion on job role and responsibility

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Reflection on job role and responsibility

My responsibilities are to provide the highest standards of personal care and attention for residents. Participate fully in the overall care of the residents. Assist with washing, dressing, toileting and personal hygiene. Manager or nurse in charge does the allocation job role for the day which includes feeding, laundry, cut nails, organise and tidy wardrobes.

Show respect for resident’s privacy and dignity and maintain of self esteem. Providing emotional supports, freedom of self expression, improve the individual’s confidence promoting spiritual and emotional well being.

Be responsible to the requirements of residents as individuals. Got to know residents through ethnic, cultural social and religious believes to provide personal centred care. Also work with residents in partnership to understand and identify their need and decision about their care. Give residents freedom of choice and help them that their needs and decisions, wishes have been taken notice.

Ensure all residents health and safety is kept all the time. Identify risk assessment of the residents keep their dignity all the time including when moving and positioning them. Promote their well-being, meet their health needs and safeguard them from harm.
Ensure safety and risk taking is paramount to maintain independence and dignity.

Communicate effectively always watch tone of voice, body language and try to listen and understand what the resident