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Brandon Vasquez
Prof. Pierce
World Archaeology
19 November 2014
Legacy of the Crusades The Crusades have been viewed by various regions around the world very differently. Many locals are unfamiliar with the events that shaped the modern day region, the education and attitude toward the time period are greatly different than those that come to the region for tourism. Many of the locals are unaware of the influence that was brought to the region by the Crusaders and what they were trying to accomplish. A war for religion is the front that many people know and accept, but this type of manipulation has been used several times to rally people behind a hidden cause. Architecture is a major thing that was brought to the region by the Crusaders and is sometimes unrecognized by the locals as having an impact on the architecture to come. The structures still stand and have been used by the occupants, even of different religions, for a variety of purposes. The uses have ranged from different religious practices to practical uses such as a restaurant. Not only did the Crusaders bring new styles, but another group, who had already had a hold in the region, the Hospitallers. Like the later Crusaders, the Hospitallers set up a system in the area and developed their own architecture that too still stands today. The changes and uncertainties of what has happened in the past that shape the region fascinate me in that we are able to identify when and where a certain item or style comes