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tionRachel Speicher
Reflection Paper
December 6, 2012
Reflection Paper
I took class on Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00. I really enjoyed your class and I definitely learned a lot. One of the most challenging things about class was the lesson plan. While challenging I definitely learned a lot from it. I really liked your teaching style and I also though you were really funny. I also thought it was really great how we did the quizzes and had the same group of people to work with every week. I got really close and became good friends with my group members and so I think that that was a really good idea. I also really liked how you showed a video at the beginning of every class. I think that that was a really good way to grab our attention and to start off on a good note. I really though all of your assignments were meaningful and I learned something from each. Two of my favorites were the Crash video assignment and the Culture Experience report. I thought watching the movie Crash was really great because It really made me think about a lot of different aspects of racism and segregation. I also really though that the final Cultural project was so awesome! I love learning about all of the many culture sand countries in this would and I truly thought it was so interesting. I also really liked how you gave us the opportunity many times to work in groups but you did not make it mandatory. I love working in groups but I know that some people would prefer not to so I think that