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Reflection 1
London as Art Capital
JD Lee Upon arriving at the National Gallery, the main entrance hall facing directly toward the Trafalgar Square was quite modern in its design and also had small staircases to the first room of the gallery, which gave me some sense that the journey of exhibition starts right after the staircases. After the staircases, there was a central hall filled paintings on the both sides and also there were three doors leading people to three different kinds of rooms. This layout of the room with three different directions was not helping create a natural flow of people enjoying the gallery. People were coming in and going out from the all of the three direction which was causing a confusion and discomfort. The lighting for the central hall was little brighter and more golden than the natural light. It definitely had natural light coming in from the open ceiling, but yellowish light was added on to it. The arrangement of the paintings was consistent. The largest paintings were places in the center of the wall and other smaller paintings were hung right next to the largest, surrounding the largest. This arrangement of the paintings looked really balanced and symmetric. After the central hall, I went to the room with a lot of British portraits. The room was covered in reddish and patterned walls. Also, from the center of the room, since the room is in circular shape, I could see the big four portraits around me. I could just stand at the center and