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1st Reflection Paper
By simply breaking down the word Philosophy you get "Philo" meaning love or active pursuit, and sophy/sophia meaning wisdom. This allows the distinction between a philosopher and a non-philosopher to be easy. A philosopher is a person who loves and/or purses knowledge. I think a philosopher is someone who thinks logically and asks a lot of questions about everything. Someone who wants to know answers to why things are the way they are; how everything got that way, and loves to ask "why?". A non-philosopher, on the other hand, is someone who is complacent with the way things are, and the existing knowledge of the world and universe. They do not pursue more knowledge of anything and everything like a philosopher does. A non-philosopher is someone who does care to ask "why?". When comparing my life to one a “philosopher presumably leads,” I believe my life is similar in a few ways. The life a philosopher presumably leads is one that is full of thought, and questioning. A life striving to gain more knowledge. First, I really enjoy doing things that make me think. Activities that allow me to use logical and outside the box thinking intrigue me and I cannot get enough of it. Second, I love learning new things. In my spare time I find myself enjoying watching thought provoking television, such as discover channel, history channel, etc. Philosophers are people who love learning new things and asking why. Ever since I started taking college classes I began to enjoy learning, asking questions, and finding new things about the world and things around us. Before I got to college I simply accepted the facts that I was given without much thought or question. Now that I am in college I find myself wondering why something is the way it is, or asking about how it came about.
In my opinion, some specific qualities that I have that might make me a