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Reflection #1 "The DNA Dilemma: A Test That Could Change Your Life" By Bonnie Rochman, Time Magazine. It was talked about Laurie Hunter's daughter who by the age of 2 months was not developing normally. Laurie did not know what kind of disease was attacking her daughter. She decided to take her daughter make a genetic test. But in the first test doctor could not find any reason of her daughter's disease. Laurie's daughter' muscle got more serious when she was 9 years old. They took genetic test again and again. Finally, the tests found seven genes missing from Laurie's daughter's first chromosome. Because of Laurie has the same deletion. Some people thought the genetic test let us learn more about our body and good for pre-pregnancy mothers. But some people thought the test is sign of cruelty. After I read this article and studying in human growth and development course, I really support genetic test, it is a greater contribution to human. Genes affect every aspect of development and that they come from parents and are passed on to children. Fetus is made by tiny cells and each cell manufactures certain proteins according to instructions stored by molecules of DNA( PG.62). The Human Genome Project are found out so many nucleotide bases and the genes contained in the human chromosomes. It is potential for early detection of the genetically connected disease to find out through a genetic test whether you carry the gene that is associated with whatever disease that has been detected. In my opinion, prenatal screening and genetic testing both are can be tested while the infant is still in the womb. Every one hope their babies could have health development, but it is not hundred percent assure that. Through the test you can know whether you have any disease passed to children. You can have chance to decide whether want to have a baby. It can be ease of family effect. Maybe you are carrying a disease through genes it does not guarantee that it will develop the disease, given that the onset of many disease can depend on