Reflection About Gospel

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The Gospels The Gospels are a series of books in the Bible that are written messages by Jesus’ followers who have experienced first hand knowledge of Christ’s teachings. The word gospel means good news, and the gospels have impacted the church in many ways. The Gospels are what drives the followers of Christ to the church. In the gospels they teach us the stories of what Jesus has done. These stories are what have shaped our beliefs and traditions that we preform. They also help us to take action in the church. As catholics we can impact the church in many ways (Importance). As a community of the church, the gospels can also bring others together. Mentally the gospel will impact us by giving us a greater knowledge of Jesus’ plans for us. In John 2:2, it states “He is the propitiation of our sins, and not for ours only but also …show more content…
They are main source of what catholic believe and why. Without the gospels, Catholics around the world would be uneducated about Jesus’ life, things he spoke, and what he has planned. As Catholics we refer to the gospel as the “Word of god” (Importance). In the gospels Jesus is presented to us. There are many ways we can know that the gospel story’s are true. One way we know is that the four gospel writers all have similar books. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were the witnesses of Christ (Desiring God). The word, in the New Testament, has the specific meaning of "the good news of the kingdom”. In that sense, which may be considered as primary from the Christian standpoint, Euangelion denotes the good tidings of salvation announced to the world in connexion with Jesus Christ, and, in a more general way, the whole revelation of Redemption by Christ (Catholic