Discovery Reflection

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Throughout this assessment, I have discovered aspects of my own speech that can be improved and learnt more about the concept of discovery from listening to other speeches.

One student talked about how self-discoveries are capable of destroying an individual’s sense of identity. I found this meaningful as I focused on the positives of self-discovery without considering other consequences. She also effectively explored the positives of self-discovery, explaining that it can lead to a renewed self. This was done through the emphatic use of techniques, such as the use of biblical imagery, which allowed me to learn more about the historical context of “The Tempest,” reflecting upon reasons why allusions to the bible were common in Shakespeare literature and the timelessness of them.

Another student’s drew connections between contrasting contexts of her texts. I thought it was sophisticated to show the timelessness of cultural, political and social context upon an individual’s discovery through the comparison of two different eras. Furthermore, this was supported by the use of sophisticated language which I will pursuit to improve on. Moreover, her visual text enabled me to consider the myriad of ways composers can express the concept of discovery and how each of these ways allow me to understand discovery from diverse perspectives.

My thesis was that self-reflection evokes us to question reality, challenging the social conventions that can establish us as