Reflection: Critical Thinking and Writing Process Essay

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Continuing Academic Success
This course has taught me a number of things, but I will only go into a few of them. I have learned how to set education and career goals although they are going to take a lot of work to complete they are manageable. The course also taught me about critical thinking, the writing process, and the difference between using the University resources and outside resources. The following is how these lessons will help me achieve my academic success.
Goal Setting
Goal setting is how a person stays motivated and on track in order to complete their short, mid, and long term goals. First a person needs to sit down and think about what they are wanting to accomplish and then write down the goals that way they are right there for them to look back on when they are feeling discouraged. One of my educational goals is to complete my Associates of Science in the Art of Education. This one goal is carried over to my career goal which is to start a career as a Preschool or elementary school teacher. Setting these goals has helped me motivate my plan of going back to school so I can make a better future for my family.
Writing Process Moving on into this course we discussed the writing process and its importance. The writing process allows a person to put their thoughts and ideas out on paper in a professional manner. I realized after going over this chapter that I have a lot of improving in this area before I can officially say that I have mastered these skills. My proof reading skills need a lot of work and also how to outline a chapter and information in general that needs to be used for assignments. Writing plays a big part in our everyday lives and careers, for example writing a message or a book this process needs to be organized and legible so that the resipiant will understand what they are reading. The writing process with help me in my academic and career success by allowing me the ability to get my point across and create lesson plans for the students that I will be teaching.
Critical Thinking Critical thinking play's a big part in how a person solves issues in everyday life and in their careers. This course has shown me that I have a lot of improving to do in this area. The steps I intend on taking to improve in this area is as followed: First step stop would be to stop letting people make my decisions for me, because I tend to let this happen a lot. The Second step is working on my remembering skills so I can read and retain information that I am going to need to be successful as a teacher. The third step would have to be Applying what I have learned. Which falls into remembering what I have just read and be able to recite it without having to go back and forth to gather the information. (Ellis, D. (2015). Becoming a master student (15th ed). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.). There are useful resources in the University Library that can help me with improving these skills and I look forward to using them.
While in this course I became familiar with some of the university resources that is available for each student. One of the resources is the university library that has an abundance of research sources