Reflection: Cross-cultural Communication and Effective Way Essay

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From xcom 285 I have came to learn many important things which are very crucial to me and are helpful to me in the future. But I think the most important point I have learned is that the communication is simply not about speaking. Communication is about listening and writing. In business communication it is important to understand that for effective communication one should consider all those things which are going around an individual. To convey the message in the most effective way it is important to know the audience really well. When we talk about the resources that the business uses for effective communication I also came to learn the other techniques of communication, the role that these techniques play in our daily life and the ideas on how to use these techniques. It is important to focus on the trends and use these trends in the most effective way to get to the specific listeners. In making an effort to reach to the audience effectively it is important to know the characteristic of the audience. One of the most important tasks was the construction of the cross culture communication matrix. The reason behind this was that it made it easier for me to understand the diversification of the world. It was also good to learn about what was considered socially acceptable and unacceptable and what are the norms of the different areas of the world. I also enjoyed the discussion about the laws and the policies of the company. I also learn about the experience of others with