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My Reflection
Norris Wise Jr.
Franklin University

Author Note It’s been along time…long time coming…but I know…it’s time for change.
My Reflection

Initially my team started out in the storming stage. With 3 members missing, a tentative fourth member, needless to say this was a disaster in progress.

Working together with my fellow team member to get things together & organized seemed to be more of a confused battle, than rampant chaos. The first meeting my team member and I had, consisted of trying to figure out what parts to divide up, what to compensate for without the rest of the team, and how to get the presentation organized. She said that she’d take if I took the summary, that’s the only part I’d have to do. I didn’t really know why she wanted to do it, but since it was what she wanted I agreed to it.

Group Project

At this point we were still trying to get in contact with our group members, seeing if they were going to have something to do with this project. When she finished her part of the slides, she then sent them to me, and I input the summary. Presentation day came around, and I logged into Franklin Live for it. After a few technical difficulties, I actually found the session that my class was in, only to realize they were almost over. I texted my team member as they were being presented, at this time I was still having technical difficulties. I asked her if she knew that the presentations were going on currently, she said “yes…. oh well I guess”. I then called her trying to get her on the phone; something about the tone through the message told me that she was depressed about the entire situation.

Group Project

In some cases, things don’t normally work out as they are supposed to. This is when the team pulls together, and finds ways to MAKE it WORK. Unfortunately, though that was the intended road we started on, =storming stage. I assumed the role of harmonizer, but I don’t think I did my job to the fullest of its extent. Most of the time the project was in progress, I felt lost on what direction we were headed in, this normally forces me to take a step back, and figure out what’s going on, so I know what to do, but I never figured it out. Personal Currently being in the military I came into this assignment with a lot of applied knowledge about teamwork, leadership, and the know how to discipline myself. Which is why I can say what I’ve learned here professionally doesn’t nearly meet what I’ve learned here personally. As much as I though it would be, I realized taking online classes for me isn’t the big hurdle in my life, it’s taking these interactive online classes that don’t serve me well. I have a business, 8hr job, and classes to come back to on the day-to-day basis. One would think I’d pick a school that didn’t require me to be so ‘in the classroom’