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Critical Thinking has different meanings to every person. This is relevant to me because my whole class is dependent on thinking critically. By the end of the course I shall know how to think critically in any situation. By using critical thinking, I help myself see other points of views of an argument or idea and also analyze information in a more scholarly way.
Critical thinking is a way of thinking a problem, idea, or topic by identifying, clarifying, testifying, and rectifying. You must identify the issue, clarify the information that is or isn’t being given, testify their position with support, and rectifying a conclusion by examining any last details. It requires active communication and many problem-solving skills. My emotional reactions to this topic would have to be a curious reaction. When I started the course, I didn’t really understand the concept of thinking critically, but I was very curious on how it would help me in the future or maybe even in life. As the course goes on, I understand critical thinking more and more each day and have actually used it numerous times. My intellectual reaction of critical thinking is that I would agree with the whole concept and that it actually works to help solve problems and be open-minded about an argument or subject. Dr. Delgado-Reyes, my Critical Thinking for 21st Century professor, is the one who has provided with information and knowledge about critical thinking. She teaches my classmates and me how to use it in everyday situations. Other sources that help me understand how to think critically would be the speakers for the large lectures on Mondays. Although they don’t realize they are using critical thinking, I have seen a few speakers use the steps of critical thinking to explain a situation or problem they once saw. A lot of times though, the speakers would be missing the last step in critical thinking. This hole would be to rectify. They would make the conclusion when they got the support and didn’t evaluate last information to make any or no changes.
My position on what critical thinking means to me is that I