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Reflection for Kate and Mark
Kate and mark is a couple who wanted a child of their own. Mark had a 5 year old son from past relationship which suggests that he is fertile and has the ability to conceive child. Mark drank approximately 30 units of alcohol per week and was advised to reduce his intake. This advice is important because men who regularly consume alcohol have lower sperm motility and concentration, as well as lowered chance of fertilization. Doctor said this because alcohol depresses the adrenal glands and slows the release of hormones produced by the adrenal glands. This may directly impair sperm production and libido. Kate was immune to rubella which means that being immune is protected from having the rubella during pregnancy. If a woman develops rubella during the early stages of her pregnancy, it can cause miscarriage, premature delivery, and multiple birth defects. Kate urine test is negative from chlamydia which indicates that she is clear with this kind of illness. Chlamydia left untreated during pregnancy can lead to serious complications. Women who become pregnant while suffering from the infection have a much higher risk of ectopic pregnancy, which is always fatal to the unborn child and can be fatal to the mother. Moreover for Kate, she was treasured that a progesterone test in the third week of her cycle was consistent with ovulation. This test is helped recognize and manage some causes of infertility. Since progesterone levels vary throughout the menstrual cycle, the consistency in Kate situation states that she has a good chance of getting pregnant. She also had laparoscopy indicating a normal uterus and ovaries. This means said her productive system is healthy and no problem with her uterus and ovaries. Both of her fallopian tubes appeared healthy and were confirmed to be open by injecting some dye. This also means that her fallopian tube is not blocked and cleared avoiding the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Regarding Mark, he had his semen sample for analysis after three days of abstinence which reported as normal. Having a semen sample from three days abstinence can result to healthy , mature and good count of sperm.
The couple also consider treatment by IVF or IUI. This means that they will not undergo to the natural process of conceiving a baby but by the help of technology. They had IUI which involves a course of ovarian stimulation using injected medication. This means that in order to excite the ovary, medication is used. To improve the success rate of AI, drugs to create a stimulated cycle may be used, but the use of such drugs also results in an increased chance of a multiple birth. Assessing the number and size of follicles is important to know if the follicles are healthy and mature. A washed semen sample increases the chances of fertilization.
Kate ultrasound scan confirmed the uterus was of normal appearance and lining is thin which indicate that there is no pregnancy; hence, she is having her period. Endometrium…