Reflection: Human and Art Pieces Essay

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Kathryn Deragon
Mrs. Favin
American Literature 7
09 April 2013
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The Same Difference

In our school, Upper Dublin, I feel that we both have a judgmental study body and an extremely supportive one too. In response to the preview of the play Legally Blonde, I think that our student body enjoyed it and didn’t mind the fact that it was little inappropriate. I think that in the play there were a couple things that came to me as shocking. Also, our school’s senior art show was being shown this past week. In addition, I think that the art show also has things that came to me as very inappropriate. I think that even though some was very provocative and seems like it doesn’t fit in a school scene, it should be allowed because of the hard work and character that is show in the art pieces and the play too. Looking back at the preview of the play, Legally Blonde, I thought that it was very well presented. By that I mean that it was only a preview of it, but it made me want to go see it, and I ended up seeing it that night. Also, I think that the content of the preview was performed so well, and seeing everyone in character was a lot of fun. Seeing what some of the students that are in my everyday classes, can do still amazes me and leads me curious to a lot of people’s hidden talents. Someone in my math class, who is a very shy person, was in the play and had a big part with a small solo. It still amazes me how so many unsuspected people can do some crazy things. Throughout the preview, I was very impressed with the quality and determination of the students in the play and the producers. I think that everyone’s hard work and effort was definitely represented by the preview. Previously seeing the musical, I was surprised when I found out our school was doing it due to the appropriateness. Looking at the crude scenes, I think that they weren’t too bad, considering that it’s in a theater background.
Secondly, looking at the Art Show, I completely think that some of the things should not be displayed in school. Well I think that some of the pieces may be inappropriate, they should be allowed in school. I