Reflection In Relational Practice

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I try to demonstrate caring behaviors by the way I address those around me. I provide respect when my peers are providing input or while we are discussing experiences, the same form of respect is also given to my coaches. I deeply value their experience and skill and try my best to portray my appreciation and respect through conversation, by being on time and acknowledging their input on my performance. Additionally, although we are not working directly with clients in this rotation, I do see a few patients visit the clinic or walk through the halls, and I remind myself to respect their space, provide small actions of compassion such as greeting them and address them as an equal as I would in the hospital.

I believe I use my reflections and
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Additionally, I try to understand the importance of developing a respect relationship with my peers and coach so that I can be in the moment as well as provide encouragement and appreciation. By also taking what I have learned from theory classes or clincal, I try to provide the home care team (or peers when they ask for input) some different ideas or approaches that they might not have thought of (eg. The idea of self managed care during case conference)

I try to understand the importance of conflict management, and accommodation of change through the realization that home care is at times unpredictable. From learning about the different cases, I have come to appreciate the complex process of this delivery of care. Not only does this help me for my future practice but I believe it also helps when trying to develop my project. I have learned to always be on my toes and ready to accept new opportunities or changes in
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economic, social,) through the case conference class, where my peers and I tried to develop a care plan for our patient. We had to understand that health promotion might not be fully effective if other influences mainly Steve Tarmac’s financial situation is a barrier. Additionally, I had taken on the role as a risk management researcher during this case conference to try and identify any issues within the client’s case. Recently I have been exposed to the planning of education for accreditation audits, and from this tele-conference I have realized that this need for a professional body such as Westview to be accredited is important for it allows the site to be accountable and demonstrate competency to provide care and services. This process also allows the site to continually improve their services and maintain