Reflection: Isaac Newton and French Revolution Essay

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Reflection Paper The Scientific Revolution, which began in the 16th century, was the most important historical development. The scientific revolution brought light to a new way of thinking. The ideas of science led to discoveries that contradicted the bible and the Roman Catholic Church. People learned to think and rationalize on their own. There were great teaching and beliefs from Johannes Kepler, Sir Isaac Newton, Nicolas Copernicus, and Galileo Galilei Then, the great invention of Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press came about. Printing technologies quickly spread around Europe, which led to articles and books being published at faster speeds. Many people learned theories and new ideas because these articles and books were sent all around Europe. My favorite topics in Western Civilization II were The Enlightenment and The French Revolution. I enjoyed learning about how absolutism was abolished and learning about all of the influential people from this era. The ideas of John Locke, that all people were born as a tabula rasa and that all men deserve liberty and equality during The Enlightenment were very influential of the revolution. The Enlightenment changed the way people viewed religion and government. These new ideas were revealed in The French Revolution. The French Revolution fought for a government for the people. They wanted a government where all men had rights to vote, and all men were equal. The French Revolution offered a chance to make all of the ideas from The Enlightenment a reality. The worst historical figure that I learned about is Adolf Hitler. As soon as he was able to emerge as dictator of Germany he began enforcing his new rules. Hitler was the cause of millions of deaths in World War II, including the Holocaust. He set up many concentration camps for the killing of Jews, political opponents, and Gypsies. Hitler wanted to invade as much territory as he could in Europe, and that contributed to the beginning of World War II. The most influential person in history that