Reflection: Leadership and Course Essay

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DATE: 03/13/13

SUBJECT: Reflection

The following document discusses my final reflection memo on ADMG 372 Leadership course. This paper will include three sections of my experience, before taking this course, during this course, and also my experience after finishing the course. In this document I will share how much knowledge I sustained and gained and how I’m going to apply it in the real world.
Before taking this course
Before taking this course, I did not know that managing requires such long training and determined effort. I also did not know that leadership is a big responsibility until I took this course. I did not know that charismatic leaders could have a really bad side to them and also they could fall into their ego. I was born to be a leader and it comes naturally to me but I did not know how to apply it in the real world. In this course we covered so much material that it was very advanced to my knowledge. Before taking this course there were some areas I already had knowledge about, but this class added to my knowledge.

During the content of this course
In this section of the paper I will exhibit the knowledge I grasped during the content of this course. I learned that I could combine transformational and charismatic behavior to become a strong leader. I also learned I have to be careful of the dark side of being a charismatic leader. I have to be aware of what is going on around me and that is something I did not know before taking this course. During the content of this course I formed my rational view on how I see the course material working for me in the present or in the future leadership position. In my opinion definitely taking this course helped me to develop and become a stronger leader. It also opened my eyes on so many things in life as a person before becoming a leader. During this course I realized that I can use all this course material in my daily life or in my future leadership position. Furthermore, during