Reflection: Learning and Arroyo Verde Essay

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CSAC- 380
Final Paper Since I’ve been introduced to this program I’ve truly learned the concept of community service. I have realized the meaning of becoming a part of the community and really making a difference. During my community service activity course I chose to work with the YMCA afterschool program. My service was needed for encouraging children, promoting teamwork and hard work while being a positive influence. I participated in activities, and helped with setup and clean up aside from asking the YMCA staff in anyway. The program sent me to two different schools called Smiley Elementary and Arroyo Verde Elementary. Both settings were different and you could tell the difference between the two. Smiley had a lot more kids then Arroyo Verde and Smiley had to use the cafeteria while Arroyo Verde had a classroom. Both sight directors were very friendly and respected me as a person. The whole staff was very welcoming and seemed very interested in learning about me. This made me feel positive about the environment I was in and I was ecstatic to get started with the kids. Having experience working with kids before in my home town, I wanted to bring those skills to this agency. I wanted to bring new games for them to play and I did that the very first day that I was there. On my first day we were outside and I taught them a game that I had previously learned, and the kids enjoyed it as well as the staff. We played regular sports games such as basketball and soccer as well. Knowing how to communicate with students really helped because I learned their likes and dislikes. I accomplished learning how to provide a safe and fun environment for the kids to enjoy. I discovered that a lot of patience is required to work with children and it is important to know who the enforcer is. I know I made a difference in these kids’ lives because they asked me questions and were interested in me. We played games, I read books to them, helped them with homework, and ate meals together. I find joy with having conversations with kids because they are very amusing. One day, a young girl named Sarah drew me a picture and I was flattered. Now, every time I walk in the door she runs up and gives me a huge hug. I love making connections with kids because they tend to look up to you. This position has had a huge impact on me. I benefitted from this because it has prepared me for the future. I plan on working with kids and the program taught me how to be aware of how to discipline them effectively. I notice that the agency is very well trained and provides a safe place for children after school. They don’t even allow the volunteers to take the kids to the bathroom alone. We cannot