Essay on Reflection: Learning and Coldwater Creek Spa

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Denise Floyd
Week 1: Reflection Assignment
Over the past week I learned a tremendous amount about stress, and how it affects me. I was able to determine how I can recognize through my actions if I am stressed out. In regards to my health, I have a lack of energy and get an extremely dry mouth. I even get headaches as I start to think about all the stressful events coming up in my life. Mentally and emotionally, I become irritable and have difficulty making decisions and concentrating. Behaviorally, I have a hard time completing tasks, overeating, and being short tempered with my family members.
Further Exploration I really enjoyed learning about the coping strategies. I found that I was able to refocus and relax when listening to a tranquil cd. I downloaded a cd from my favorite place that I get massages at, Coldwater Creek Spa. I purchased a few candles from them as well. I created an ambiance in my room that reminded me of Coldwater Creek Spa because I can always clear my mind there. I wanted to further explore Coldwater Creek Spa and what scents they use to create this mindfulness it creates within me. As soon as I clicked on their website, the music began. It instantly made me sit further back into my chair and correct my posture. This is evidence the musical background idea to alleviate stress symptoms works for me. The colors of the website are neutrals and very earth tone. The only color on the website is the beautiful lavender garden. I could almost smell them. Their motto is amazing, “Welcome to a very special place-Where every detail has been conceived with you in mind: a lovely settling, soothing ambience, a place to get away from the hustle of the day. A place just to be yourself.” I think I will make myself a cup of tea! I think I can really relax when all five senses have been addressed.

Analyzing Lifestyle Habits After analyzing the lifestyle habits in Chapter 10, three of the suggestions really hit home with me. First, I need to stick to one new change at a time. I find myself getting super motivated and I start all these projects. Right now I just started school; I am also trying to start my hair bow making business for conventions, and 25 days ago I just starting a healthy eating lifestyle through Isagenix. I originally was thinking of selling the Isagenix products as well but through this class, I realize I don’t need to set myself up for failure through taking on more than I can handle. Too many lifestyle changes at once are too hard to follow through on all of