Reflection: Learning and Dim Environment Essay

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English 3
3 March 2013

Learning Style Through the survey on Naviance I have learned that my learning style is very mellow and that I usually have no preference which explains why most of my areas in the chart are grey/neutral. With the survey I have learned that to if I want to maximize my results in learning I must in a cool environment with dim lighting. This is because the cool and dim environment helps me concentrate compared to a warm/hot and bright environment. This type of environment is usually found in the morning or late morning which is another factor that affects my learning. Along with the cool, dim environment in the morning, I also tend to learn better if I have structure. This meaning that I have specific details of what the teacher wants. I learn better with my peers or friends around and I learn better with kinesthetic learning. Ever since I have read the results from this survey I have not made any changes to my study habits except become a more focused. I have not changed much because I do not find it necessary right now to change habits that are already working for me. I know that in the future I will have to change the way I study now into a more efficient way of studying to cope with the college pace. Throughout time I will slowly train myself to become more self-motivated and less dependent on specific instructions. I will have to think for myself and not rely on other people as much as I am now to cope with education.
Personality Type
I am a gentle, caring, and sensitive person. My friends know I am loyal and affectionate, expressive and eager to please as well as thoughtful, considerate, and supportive of my friends and family. As much as I love to be included in social activities, I also need time alone to relax or pursue my personal interests. I often take even the most constructive criticism personally and I frequently feel disappointed or hurt because I have a big heart. I am also a down to earth and realistic person. I have a keen sense of aesthetics and I love a variety of artistic expressions or activities. I am easy going and playful, but I struggle to stay organized and I find large or complicated projects overwhelming and draining. Since I naturally want to follow my curiosity, I have trouble making decisions, following through, and finishing all of the projects I start. I hate to disappoint anyone