Essay on Reflection: Management and Continuous Improvement

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Sharod L. Edwards
March 2, 2015
Eligah King

This week the objectives were clear and understandable. The first objective we had to deal with was arranging the appropriate controls, proper performance measurements, and feedback systems to cover various scenarios. The second objective dealt with how to evaluate applications of plans and making the needed adjustments to show continuous improvement and crisis management. Throughout this paper we will discuss our levels of comprehension and comfort with the fore mentioned objectives.
Objective 5.1
Objective 5.1 was one that I saw as a way of determining if business had accomplished their objectives according to the goals they set as a company. The five step feedback system was something that I was able to grasp very easily. I was a manager in the financial industry and I used a system pretty close to this to complete my team end of year evaluations. I would first look at the roles or the job titles that each member held. Then I determine the correct job matrix that needed to be used in order to establish a proper work performance standard. These standards had been developed for the bases for establishing a baseline to measure everyone’s performance against. Once the proper matrix was established now I could properly grade and evaluate the level of performance of each member. This process allowed for a fair and even grading system. Once each person was graded I would then determine if the matrix truly had been the most appropriate way of measuring ones performance. Depending on whether the appropriate grading scale and system was used then I would give each person back feedback whether it was positive or negative. The feedback given was given in order to fix underperforming individuals or to praise those whom were going above and beyond the call of duty.
Objective 5.2
When it comes to objective 5.2 I feel I am very comfortable with this objective. This is an objective that I have a lot of experience in dealing with. I was active duty marine for a good while. During my military career I ran deliberate plans all the time,