Reflection: Marketing and Operation Function Essay

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Operation management takes important role in the firm. It responds to the production system which has to manage and choose the resource, apply into the production and provide the product or service to the customers. These kinds of activities are the part of the operation function. There are three types of core functions in any company, marketing function, product or service development function, and operation function. Marketing function is working to communicate to the market needs in order to provide the goods and services for the customer requests. Like the promotion on the TV and marketing research by online survey or online questionnaire. In developing the product or service, give out a new idea or modify the old product or service to generate the market or customer needs in the future. This activity is required to produce the product to the end user. For the operation function, the most important function which going to respond the customers’ wants or expect for the service or products and make changes in the production and delivery of product and services. It needs to design the location and arrangement of the stores where the place sell the product. The reason of why operation function is important to the organization because product and service is produced from it. Also it has the relationship between the other core and support functions. It needs to explain and make sure others understand what the operations need and try to lead them to fulfil that needs of it. In the organization, operation function has to interact with not only core function. Example for the support function, for the technology in the organization is classified as technical function, and operation function has to tell the technical function what technology needs. After that technical function will respond to operation function and give out the process technology options. In the process of producing the products and services, operation management has to change the input into output. This process call Input- transformation- output processes. In this model, first they have to input the resource into the production process and pass thought transformation process to make the finally output of the product or services. Finally provide or sell it to the users. We can classify input resource into two types which are transformed resource and transforming resource. Transformed