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My film trailer is for an action and adventure film called INTERNATIONAL HIDEOUT. The story is about a man named Chuck Bass who commits a crime by shooting someone innocent. After finding out he is in the wanted list, he escapes away from his country Paris to Toronto and after Toronto to a different city. Will Chuck Bass ever surrender himself to the police or will he try to run away forever?
To make this trailer I used 7 of the 9 video clips that was provided to me. After seeing those clips, I had a lot of ideas in my mind and I chose this trailer to make because I thought it made more sense and the clips I needed to make the trailer was in those 9 video clips provided. After, putting my ideas together in a Premiere pro, I tried to tease the audience with additional titles and without giving away the ending. Next, using garage band I imported my trailer which I made in Premiere pro and made a 30 second track that went well with it. I used 6 different instrument/samples and 2 special effect (echo and phaser). Then I saved my file and imported the sound track to Premiere Pro to adjust the audio levels and lined it up to match my video and titles. The only difficulties I had with while doing this project was to come up with a good sound track that matched my trailer but after a while I came up with one which fit perfectly to the trailer. Since this was my second time using Premiere Pro and Garage band, I did not had any difficulties using both of these software. Finally, I tested my final QuickTime