Reflection: Nutrition and Healthy Breakfast Essay examples

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Jennifer Khy
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27 November 2012
Assignment #3 For two days, I decided to change my diet in a positive way by eating a healthy breakfast. Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, the director of nutrition for WebMD states that if eaten regularly, the benefits of a healthy breakfast include: a more nutritionally complete diet that is higher in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, improved concentration, more strength and endurance to engage in physical activity, and lower cholesterol levels. Theory suggests that eating breakfast improves concentration allowing for better performance in the classroom. To test this theory, I woke up an hour earlier than usual to allow sufficient time for both the preparation and consumption of a healthy breakfast.
On day one I prepared a vegetable omelet, one slice of whole-wheat toast, half of a banana, and a glass of low-fat milk for breakfast. The vegetable omelet included bell peppers, onions, and cilantro. One day two I prepared scrambled eggs with ham, a whole-grain bagel with light cream cheese, low-fat yogurt with fresh fruit, and a glass of orange juice. I did notice a difference in my performance at school on these two days. Normally on the days that I skip breakfast, I sit in the back of the classroom and play on my phone while my professors are lecturing. On these two days that I consumed a healthy breakfast, I felt energetic and was more involved in class discussions. I did not have any anxiety in class like I normally do…