Reflection of Black Thelolgy Essay

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Feb. 8, 2007
Reflection: Black Theology

Black theology only takes what the white man has taught us about God and applied it to our lives. They have defined Black theology in the terms of their African heritage rather than the view of the Europeans. When Jesus came to earth, He did not come to earth to be with the rich people or the oppressors, but the oppressed. If the Gospel is about liberation of the opressesed, then blacks figure that God is talking about them. In current times the poor or oppressed is the black community. Black theology only validates this. According to Cone, black theology places blacks past and present actions towards black liberation in a theological context. The whites do not see the bible as a book for liberation. White theologians think that black power has nothing to do with Christianity. They equate black power with the views of Malcolm X and violence. Black power did at one point try to separate itself from the church but that is no longer. The people who started the black power movement only wanted to show the black Christian community that what they were learning were the views that white Christians wanted them to learn. The people of the black power movement wanted to show that blacks really could not relate to what the white preachers were saying. The whites could not understand the black community’s problem of unemployment, poor school systems, inequality and injustice, because the whites had power over it all. They were not the oppressed but the oppressors. Many blacks use the saying, “If