Essay on Reflection of the "Oracle Bone"

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China has scored enormous achievement in economic growth and social development since the reform and opening. Shenzhen and Zhuhai as the first Special Economic Zones have been in process of rapid urbanization for 30 years. With the reforms and opening up and China’s WTO accession the Chinese economy is facing tremendous development potential and market competition will become increasingly fierce. One common goal of current Chinese nationalists is the reunification of mainland China and Taiwan. This year, with the open policy, cross-strait exchange have made big progress, people on both sides cooperate to achieve common prosperity. Despite great progress in its economic development, China remains the biggest developing country in the world with a large population, weak economic foundation and uneven development. Although the Economic zone reinforces the transition between the traditional and modern economics and culture in china, it has some potential pitfalls in the path of development.
The economic zone in Chines city promotes the development of urbanization; however, it enlarges the gap between the rich and the poor thus transforms people’s social values. The author of the book Oracle Bones, Peter Hessler introduced us Shenzhen, the “Overnight City”. Shenzhen as the first special economic zone in China has been in process of rapid urbanization for 30 years. After the reform and opening, many firms and factories set up in economic zones. Shenzhen is a natural choice for most of the young people from Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangxi, like Emily and her sister; since they grow up hearing about the legend stories about the Over Night city. In two decades, the city’s population exploded from around three hundred thousand to more than four million people. Through the radio-show, At Night You’re Not Lonely, Hessler show us the life and the values of the “blue-collar” people who lived in the factory. He mentioned a girl named Luyun who likes to do subtle things to undermine her colleagues when she feel threatened and an eighteen years old woman who become the Taiwanese boss’s “personal secretory”. Through tax breaks and investment privileges, many foreign firms were attracted to set up shops in these zones. This offered a lot of job opportunities which attracted many migrants. In two decades, the city’s population exploded from around three hundred thousand to more than four million people. The large amount of immigrant taggers a huge impact on landing and housing. The rising populations in urban push up demand for the housing, most of citizen are not able to afford sky rocketing price in house sector as it is sensitively subjected to land availability. Furthermore, with increasing urbanization, China will face pollution and urban agglomerations: growing air pollution from traffic, rising wastewater discharge, and solid waste. The economic zones in Chinese cities not only accelerate the development of the economy but also the intensity of competition. Most of the young people who work in the factory feel inferior since they are poor educated. In order to earn a better life, they have to find themselves a shortcut. In addition,