Reflection On English 111

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My biggest improvements in English 111 was the process of constructing my essays, and my progress in research writing essays. The class has taught me a tremendous amount of information on how to start an essay, what the essay consists of and how to set up the essay. I came into English 111 not knowing half the terms we went over, or how to use them. Since the class, I now know the meaning and the proper way to incorporate them in my essays. The environment that I am surrounded in while learning is quite and helps me get my work done. I would never have thought that I would be writing essays the way I do now. Throughout the semester my grades have increased not only in English 111 but other classes that involve writing. Overall, I am impressed with my progress with writing. …show more content…
At the start of the semester while writing my “Pre-test essay”, I would just ramble while writing. I did not set up an outline, or plan out my essay before writing it which reflected on my grades causing them to be low. Since English 111, I brainstorm, set up an outline, write the essay, then get PaperRater to check my final product. Before, the class I would not really check over my essays. However, now I check them, PaperRater checks it, and I get the writing center to look over it. Looking back, I used to procrastinate while writing my essays. Ever since the class I take my time and make sure my essay are done correctly and sounds professional. By performing those skills my grades have become much