Reflection On Human Behavior

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1. This course has expanded my ability to think independently and creatively about human behavior and the cultural influences that affect our behavior. At first, I took this class because I need it to fulfill part of the general education. But as the course move on, I found that I am actually enjoying and loving this class because I found out that a lot the materials I learned in this can actually in my workplace, where I can have better communication with the parents and the students but I can also control my class and students easier now. I really enjoy doing different assignment because we all came from different background where people will have different insight. We can all learn something from each other response as well as respecting …show more content…
There are some major issues and concepts in the field of psychology. One of the major issues in the field of psychology would be the early experience vs. later experience. The continuously studying on events happened in youth vs. events happened later in life would have greater impact or greater affect on us. (Cherry) The ongoing study is trying to find which one has greater impact on us or they are all equal no matter when the event happened. I personally believe that whether is happened early or later would not really be the key factor of it. I believe that it depends on what happened, if it were a major event that traumatizes more, it would have greater …show more content…
For research methodologies used in the scientific study of human behavior, there are quite a few. They are trying to explain, predict, and prevent different behaviors. It is impossible to describe all the patients understand the same situation. They are trying to build a big picture or major guideline for people to follow through and hopefully standardize some issue for the patients.

6. Psychology is important because it can be applied to different areas or different people with various issues. There are many ways where psychology can be applied into our daily society. For example, I remember having psychologist in my middle and high school as well as college. They are there to provide quality support different students who need help whether they are stressing about the school, family issue or other problem they might encounter.

7. Fundamental principles of behavior and mental functioning are closely related because our brain is the boss of everything that controls our body, our emotions, and our movement. The brain makes all the decisions and makes different behavior to different events. But under different stimulants, our brain can be affect and our behaviors can