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Reflecting on the reading john Steinbeck Of Mice and Men The womens point of view is very rough. The repression on women was harder then one might think. They held women back in the 30s and treated them like housemaids. They were used, neglected, abused, discriminated, left behind, and put as unintelligent. My first example is how women where used. Curly made it seem that his wife was just for pleasure and he showed it by wearing a glove on his left hand filled with Vaseline and announced to the other men that it was for his wife. This is a very offensive way to treat women as a skank. My second example is the way women were neglected. Curly never spent time with his wife and tried to make her stay in the house. This made her want attention so all the men thought she was trying to be a whore but she just desperately wanted attention. My third example is how women are abused. Curly’s wife was abused because the men talked of her as a skank and throwing herself around. They did not know that she just wanted attention but they never tried to talk to her to see if she was. They talked about her behind her back.

My fourth example is how women are left behind and left out of everything. When the men has gatherings and games they left the women at home. They treated women as trophies and house maids. Then women sneak and do things and get abused because of it. This is a treatment that lots of women in the 30s have been submitted to.
My last example is how men let…