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Reflection On My Growth As A Writer
As the semester nears completion and I look back through the course of English 114 of writing a total of six essays and for each one of them I would ask for feedback; I reflect upon my growth as a writer. In order to become a better writer you need to know what you can improve on. This portfolio, besides the minor revision and editing done to each assignment, is a good representation of how my writing has developed throughout the semester. English class has been my least favorite subject in school because I believe that I am not a good writer. I have always had teachers assign me readings and write essays based on what I read from the book. I didn't like how the teachers would assign us books because if the book wasn’t interesting it would be boring to write an essay. Not only was not boring for me but it didn’t help me grow into a better writer. I have learned many things about writing and the writing process, including the necessity of multiple drafts in order to obtain the perfect final draft. Although this class taught me that essays can actually be fun and easy to write because anything is a text, plagiarism is never the right choice to do, and having your peer edit your essay helps you to write a stronger essay.
Writing an essay can be difficult because if you don't like the text, then you won’t have the ability to write a strong and interesting essay. In high school I was taught to write essays based on the readings that I was assigned but what this class showed me is to look for text that can be found in movies, songs, books, etc. That is when I realized that writing essays for this class will be fun because I will be choosing my own text so it will be something I would enjoy writing. For almost every essay that I wrote for this class it was based on movies that I saw. Not only was it fun but it made me grow as a writer to find and research on specific resources on

2 what other viewers beside me thought of the film. It helped me to expand my researching skills to many levels.
It is very devastating to admit that I committed plagiarism on my first semester of college. Never would I have thought in my life that I would be written up to the university for plagiarism. The moment you (Mr. Shannon) asked me why did I do it, I had nothing to say because I was so embarrassed of myself because I don’t know why did I think to myself that you weren’t going to notice it. That whole day I was sad, crying, and thinking that I had let down my family for doing something so ignorant and stupid because of being so busy of midterms and work that I had left my essay as a last minute assignment. Though this taught me that some people make small mistakes or big mistakes but at the end of there will be consequences. This big mistake made me to come to realization that although I committed plagiarism it showed me that I should never put work first and when an