Reflection On My Writing

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I have never thought about whether or not my writing was good; I only worried about the grades my essays would receive. However, now that I have Mrs. Belmont's class, I am reconsidering my way of writing. It has come to my attention just how poor my writing is; there is an extensive use of passive sentences, punctuation mistakes, and the low vocabulary level.
Throughout my whole school life, not a single teacher has clarified to me and my fellow classmates what passive tense is and how it can affect our writing. Therefore, it is only natural for my essays to be full of passive sentences that cloud the main idea. Now that I know better, I evade passive writing as much as I can and try to get my point across through active writing. This has dramatically developed my writing; instead of simply writing out my ideas, I think of a straightforward way of expressing that idea. This has helped me make my writing understandable and easy to read.
Another improvement is my use of punctuation. During my elementary and middle school years, I have been told that the use of semicolon is very
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Even though vocabulary is still my main weakness, my use of advanced words has enhanced. Mrs. Belmont strongly urges us to use advanced vocabulary everyday, not just through our writing. Throughout her lessons, she teaches us a new word and urges us to use it in our writing and everyday life. She has also recommended us to evade overused words such as: walk, get, to be, can, 'and', and around. Now, every time I work on an essay or any other written work, I underline words that may be upgraded and commonplace ones. After I finalize my essay, I revise the underlined words and bust out a trusty thesaurus. But before replacing a word, I read the sentence out loud with the new term to see just how effective it is. After replacing all the low-level and overused words, I read through the entire essay to make sure there are no more bumps on the