Reflection On Social Work

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For me personally, the visit gave me a much better and boarder idea about the roles that social workers play. Having spent 5 months as an intern at Boys’ Town Singapore, a residential home, my idea of a social worker is someone who plays “parent” to his or her client. At Boys’ Town, the social workers indeed does help to play the role of a parent to the boys’ under their charge. They are also the boys’ link to the outside world, helping to make appointments with the judicial courts, conveying any needs or messages that the boys might have or any issues that they face in the home to their parents, and so on.

Hearing the experiences of social workers in the different settings during the Social Work Freshmen Orientation Camp did not help to broaden my perspectives either. It was only during the 2 agency visits, where I was able to see the social workers at work at the various settings with my own eyes, that I was finally able understand what Gurdip Chima meant in the book Becoming a Social Worker, when she referred to herself as “a partner, negotiator,
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Being in a setting such as a hospice, where social workers have to deal with the taboo issue of death every time they step into the office, social workers have to be both mentally and emotionally tough. I feel that amongst the different settings where medical social workers can be found, being in a hospice has to be the toughest. Knowing that all of your clients would have to “leave” one day, and knowing that all you’re helping to do is help them to enjoy their remaining days would definitely tug on the humane instinct that probably led social workers to pursue this profession in the first place. I really respect the social workers at hospices as I know that I would surely lack the inner strength to deal and help the clients’ family deal with such emotional turmoil on a long-term