Essay Reflection on Switzerland

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Reflection on Switzerland

The countries involved in this project were Switzerland, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Australia, and Canada. Germany is our biggest trade contender, but in class we started off our trade agreements with Australia. Their major produces are: wheat, cattle, sheep, and poultry. Main imports are: coal, iron, gold, wheat, and machinery. Our agreement was to receive wool and give cheese. Moving on to Russia, their main imports are: machinery, chemicals, and food. Their common exports are cereal, grains, fertilizers, and chemicals. We traded them grains for chocolate. Next were our German friends, they grow a lot of potatoes, wheat, barley, cabbage, and many other crops. We decided to give them some of our technological appliances for potatoes. Our agreement with South Africa was to give them chocolate for their well-known fruits. Lastly, Canada exports many fruits and vegetables, along with wheat. They’re best known for their maple syrup. So we gave them cheese for that delicacy. After agreements were made, there was discussion over the specific products and why they’d be traded.
I learned that my country, Switzerland, is a large contender in trade with several countries. Many of their products are used all over the world. The other countries in the project had very common trades like machinery and crops. Switzerland’s cheese is very well-known and a great delicacy. There are special ways to prepare certain foods and they seem quite difficult, but