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Topic: Health Promotion Game.
Title: Type 2 diabetes
Players: Every Participant
No Of Players: One play er at a time & at each stage.
Instruments: Marked board (A4 cardboard sheet)
Focus group: Adult
The purpose of this game is to create awareness of type 2 diabetes, and its risk factors as it occurs among adults in Australian society in the recent years.(Australian bureau of statistics [ABS],2006).This game looks at ways of managing the risks factors and minimising its prevalence. This work is set at three stages with one participant at each time. Stage one focuses on the primary prevention in health promotion, and stage two on secondary prevention. Stage three focuses on the tertiary prevention in health promotion.
The game is structured in the way that, it will encourage participation of all participants in which at the end all that participate will benefit with no one seen as a looser. There is always a reward attached to every input, which is getting a right or wrong answer. There are four question at each stage of the game .Each correct answer gets the participant two step forward ,while a wrong answer gets the participant one step forward. The colour coding shows the stage where participants are, and how well they are doing. At the end of each stage if you maintain the acquired knowledge, you will remain at the silver point, enjoying your success. If not you will fall out and into the next stage where you need to work your way up to get to the top. It is pleasurable and educational. Take a step in to a start box, by attempting the first question.

one of the following is the best way of creating awareness of type 2 diabetes (crisp & Taylor, 2009; Farrell, 2005). a Born in a rich family.
B Education.
Type 2 diabetes may remain undetected for many years (Farrell, 2005)?
A False
B true 3 .The signs of type 2 diabetes are (Pillwatch, 2007)?
.a. None of the above
b. Increased thirst and frequent urination. 4. --------------------- distinguishes type 2 diabetes from type 1 diabetes (Pill watch)?
a. only type2 diabetes can build up into type 1 diabetes.
b. Insulin is still produced for people with type 2 diabetes.
Secondary prevention.
5. Lifestyle risk factor for type 2 diabetes should be avoided by the following ways (Crisp & Taylor, 2009).
a. Avoid eating healthy food. b. Eating healthy diet. 6. Which of the is known as traditional risk factor for type 2 diabetes (Stovall, Goldstein, Van Hearten,(2005). a. Not being proud.
b. Obesity, lack of exercise and hyperglycaemia
7. Your race could affect the risk of developing type 2 diabetes (Crisp Taylor, 2009; Pillwatch,2007)
a. False
b. Ture 8. Overweight , and inactivity are regarded as a risk factor to type 2 diabetes because --------------------(Brown & Edwards,2008; Pillwatch,2007)
a. Excessive body fat and inactivity damage pancreas.
B.Excessive weight and inactivity make body cell resistant to insulin Tertiary prevention
9. Health complication from type 2 diabetes could lead to acute or chronic disease
A False
B true
10. The management of diabetes patient are as follow except (Farrell, 20050).
a. Increase intake of saturated fat.
b. Exercise.
11. Another name for type 2 diabetes is(Farrell,2005)?
a. adult diabetes b Non insulin dependent diabetes
12. Non treatment of type 2 diabetes