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Three listening barriers and how to overcome these difficulties?
Cristian Gonzalez
Ivy Tech Community College

This paper was prepared for Interpersonal Communications 102, Chapter 1, taught by Professor Becker.

I think a big listening barrier is not knowing how to speak the language fluently, being able to express your opinions, being able to hold a long conversation, or being able to discuss everyday things, is a big problem for those who come from a different cultural background such as myself. Coming from a Spanish speaking country I had to learn a new language even though I know English still don’t comprehend the language to a full understanding, I think a way that I can improve this is by talking to more people or learning more complex words, by reading the newspaper or books is a great way to improve your vocabulary. According to the phrase “Practicing skills requires work, you need to be motivated to use your knowledge and skill, and you must want to improve’’ (Beebe, 2012, pg. 25) that’s something I would really love to change and become more knowledgeable about. I always tell myself I’m going to pick 5 words out of the dictionary daily so I can learn, but I never do it. My girlfriend loves to read, and she’s always pushing me to read more.
Electronically mediated communication is one of the biggest listening barrier for all of us. Many of us instantly go to our phone when someone’s talking about something you don’t have interest on, even though it’s a way to communicate with people it’s also a big listening barrier because sometimes when we are on our phones we don’t really pay attention to what another person is trying to tell us. When it could be a really important piece of information, you’re not only listening but it’s a way to disrespect the person trying to