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Reflection 1 1. I graduated from Sierra Vista high school in 2012, I am currently in my fourth semester here at CSN. I am planning to get my associate of business degree here at CSN. I am twenty years old but I have already dwelled in multiple diverse occupations. My first job started out in Vons but shortly after that I got into sales, I worked for Vector which was a company that sold cutlery. I’ve also worked selling dream vacations to people, but have been in construction now to this day. My hobbies include sports, photography, and socializing with other people. 2. I am in this class because I have always been interested in the business world, I want to know how its run and how to thrive so that one day I can achieve success.

I specifically want to improve my understand of how to manage a small business, what are the pros and cons, everything I could possibly need to know about that.

I would like to earn at least an 85% in this course. I plan on earning this grade by spending at least 6 hours a week as recommended by the professor, in a quiet place suitable for studying such as my room.

My personal and professional rewards for earning the grade I desire would be a strong sense of acomplishment.

The instructor can help me be succesful this semester by helping me better understand what my actually goals are going to be after I graduate. 3. My learning style is Aural, I can really relate to what the website had to say about my learing style especially on how I intake information, id rather listen than take notes because that’s how I store information best. Listening to a lecture/discussion/idea first then studying it later on text is the best strategy for helping me learn. My reading skill are a little on the weak side as I will admit that I have the attention span of a fly, it is very difficult for me to stay focused on what im reading without having my mind drift off. It all depends on if the material grabs my attention or not. Id like to think my writing skill is decent, it can always improve. My computer skills are good, I would like to think I am pretty handy and capable with a computer, I learn and work well on one. 4. Amazon is one of the most successful companies out there and they have the customers to