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REL 304
Spring 2014
Reflection Paper 1 - (Daniel 6:1-28)
This passage describes what happened to a young man who had purposed to serve God with his whole heart and would not compromise his convictions. This man, Daniel, found favor not only with God but with the king as well. The king was planning to set him in a higher place of authority over the whole kingdom when some jealous men tried to destroy him, but their plan failed and they were destroyed instead.
Daniel, who had come to Babylon as a captive, was now one of the three presidents during king Darius’ reign. Daniel was a righteous man with an “excellent spirit” (Daniel 6:3 AMP) who was devoted to God alone. Nothing, no matter how bad the consequences seemed, made him waver or turn aside from his righteous living. Although, some wicked men, including satraps, deputies, counselors, and governors, came up with a scheme to have him thrown in the lions’ den. They realized that they could not bring an accusation against Daniel unless it concerned the law of his God (Daniel 6:5 AMP), so they seduced King Darius to endorse a decree that for thirty days anyone that petitioned any god or man other than King Darius would be cast into the lion’s den (Daniel 6: 7-9 AMP).
Daniel, faithful to his God prayed three times a day despite the decree. He did what was his custom and with no fear of hiding anything prayed to God with his windows opened. (Daniel 6:10 AMP) The same men that got the king to sign the decree went immediately to the king to accuse Daniel of violating the decree. The king was majorly disturbed and tried to save Daniel. However, it was too late, since he had already signed the “law of the Medes and Persians, which cannot be altered” (Daniel 6:8 AMP) he had to condemn Daniel to the lions’ den.
Although, King Darius was not aware of the whole plan, he had listened to jealous men’s ideas; men who had intention to harm a righteous and innocent man. These men made it sound very good to the king and he did exactly what they wished. Once he realized their trick, he was greatly sorrowful and “set his mind on Daniel to deliver him” (Daniel 6:14 AMP). King Darius fasted, could not sleep nor was any entertainment brought to him that night, while he thought about Daniel.
Early the next morning he ran to the den and “in a voice of anguish” (Daniel 6:20 AMP) asked Daniel if His God had been able to save him. Because of Daniel’s walk with God and innocence toward the king, God had sent an angel to prevent the lions from devouring him. The king was extremely happy but furious with those who had accused Daniel. Therefore, he ordered that the jealous accusers and their families be thrown in the lions’ den. Unlike Daniel, “before they ever reached the bottom of the den,” (Daniel 6:23 AMP) the lions had already devoured them. Hence, king Darius made a decree that everyone in his realm was to worship, fear, and tremble before Daniel’s God alone, because He alone is the Savior and Deliverer. (Daniel 6:26, 27 AMP)
A lesson to be learned from King Darius in this passage is how important it is to find out the purpose behind any request. Although the king had been deceived by those men, he actually was the one who willfully signed the decree. Once he realized what he had done, it was too late to