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Reflective Paper
Irene Antunez
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Reflective paper

In today generation poverty is still in tack there’s lot of families living of poverty but what does poverty really mean. Poverty means that a person that makes slow income they don’t deemed a sufficient amount to buy basic needs. Generation poverty when the first generation lives in poverty and or for at least two generations live in poverty maybe because they don’t have the essential tools to move out from that. There are some key factors that are associated with generational poverty some of these factors are hopelessness, surviving vs. planning. Most people think that people that live in poverty have a lack of financial resource to meet the basic living requirements but what they don’t know is not only do they deal with generational poverty but have other challenges to deal with. Educational poverty, parental poverty, and spiritual poverty with these different forms of poverty at times it creates a mischievous of generational poverty. Surviving vs. planning many of this people that are facing poverty is doing some sort of things to survive. They have much focus on the issue they are facing today it can be because of money for food, finding a place to live it’s just a constant challenge for them. Planning is just tied to the belief that each individual has sufficient control of their own lives. The bigger question is how they can get out of poverty first of all educating them is an essential key in getting them out or staying out. At times these groups of individuals are living in poverty not because of the lack of intelligence or ability. Sometimes they stay in poverty because they don’t see a choice or they don’t know how to access the proper resource or information they need. Now a day’s schools are the only was students can learn about having a choice and rules of the middle class and have access to people that are willing to help. Social support issues such as emotional support, informational, and positive and negative supports. Some other personal barriers to success are stress, low self esteem, isolation, and inadequate parenting; they also have fear of the system.

What age is considered to be old age the age ranges from 40-65 years of age? Some barriers older employees face in a workplace is reduce employment opportunities, decrease training participation, increased discrimination. Reduce employment opportunities for the ones who are returning to work career later find it harder to maintain a salary. For this group there is a decreased training participation compare to younger people when t comes to train them some say it's harder to train them on something new. Increased discrimination with them is huge Age discrimination puts barriers for people who are older this barriers are recruitment and hiring, limited career employment. Along with employees who judge them because they believe that they have bad health, resistant to changes, hard to train, and prone to accidents. Some other problem they face are that around a third of this group described their job physically and mentally exhausting and others say that their work condition were quite strict and inflexible. It also said that 54% of employers said that they have given older workers the chance to reduce their work load. With a 36% said they have adapted their work schedules and a 31% had made some adjustments in the workplace. Employment for people aged 50 is important not only because of full employment but to provide them for retirement needs. but among the discrimination of this group a lot more older people are leaning how to use the internet even now lots of them have a face book account they are good at leering new technology and have the new models that they have like the new I phones this smart phones that we young people use the older people are using. Looking back to where they didn't know much about technology compare to now be a better reason why