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Xueyan Han

In our last class, our group discussed a lot of questions about business and our members introduced business in American which different from Chinese. However, I want to illustrate my views about the responsibility of the business.

I think the responsibility of the business can be separate into two sides.

· The first one is responsible to shareholders. As a company management, there is no doubt that it is your duty to use all kinds of ways and effective methods to increase capital of the company and stockholders. To put it simply, earning more money or increase wealth.

o But there is a serious question. That is how the company to be reliable or what responsibility should the company have. In my opinion, I think different company has different definition of responsibility. Specifically, it depends on unique corporate culture.

o The obligation of Wal-Mart is providing cheaper products and more personalized service to make people's shopping more convenient and satisfying.

o The obligation of Honda is manufacturing more safety, more convenient, more comfortable and more individual vehicles to save much time for people's daily life without any worries in transportation.

o Manufacture industry sells products and service industry provides service, and the obligation of a bank should be helping their consumer accumulate wealth and manage the fund with safe and effective ways. I used to work in Bank of Communications as an internship. There are always lots of financing project to be provided to consumers. Nevertheless, bank will have no any responsibility once client's fund devalue. There is no doubt the obligation of the bank is still an unknown, unclear and to be redefined. Clear Description.

· The existence of business is undoubtedly based on society. Another side is that business should be responsible for society. There is always a phenomenon that if some of the cities or districts have a lot of money, it will attract more and more investors. And then, there will be richer and more wealthy. Instead of, if some of cities or districts have little money, there will be poor, out-dated, and never become wealthy. Not only for cities or districts but also for people. From FAO(Food and Agriculture Organization), I learn that there are more than one billion people have not enough food by 02/2012. Is it not the responsibility of the business? I always think business is not only for earning money but also provide fund and care to help people can get enough food to alive and any other aspects which really be required.

Above of all, in my perspective, the responsibility of the business is a big question, and there is still a lot of unfamiliar business to be responsible.

Firms Of Endearment How to be an endearment of firm? What is a firm of endearment? How to identify firms of endearment? How firms of endearment perform? Which is the way of firms of endearment? And this, wonderful, transcendent and necessary for every management, book introduce all of the people want to know, you can find out answers to all of the question. I want to illustrate my opinion via humanist management of Google which is selected by the author as one of the fittest FoE. Research for selection is divided in many parts. Including executives, employees, customers, suppliers, communities, government and investors. Why Google be selected? I think Google not only brings investors or stockholders big income but also responsible for society, culture and human beings. · Firstly, for society, Google provides a lot of opportunity for people to get a job. There is no doubt that the crime rates will be decreased, because more and more people have salaries to keep their life. It makes a substantial contribution for a harmonious society. * · Secondly, for culture, as someone who knows how to operate the computer as someone who knows Google.