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Annabelle Duncan
Mrs. Williams
Social Studies 4th Period
13 May 2014

Nevaeh is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, about sixty square miles in size. The climate is tropical, with plenty of rain to grow crops and warm temperatures with lots of beaches. There are steep mountains covered in vegetation at the West end of the island, and a fresh water lake at the foot of the mountains which is fed by underground springs and the rain draining from the mountains. That creates good farm land at the foot of the mountains, on which farmers successfully grow pineapples and coffee for export, and numerous other crops consumed by the island’s population. Neveah was formed from volcanoes beneath the sea, and there is an old inactive volcano which is part of the mountains.
The rest of Niveah’s shoreline is accessible from the ocean, and forms several good harbors for boats and beautiful beaches. The nation’s fishing industry is able to provide enough seafood for the population of about ten thousand, and other food and products for the people are grown on the fertile farms or brought in by an active shipping business. The main harbor attracts cruise ships, and the island markets are popular with the tourists.
Oil explorers discovered oil reserves beneath the sea and within the country’s waters. Oil companies negotiated to build several drilling platforms to reach the oil, from which large royalties are paid to Niveah. The country’s income from oil has funded the development of the country with only a small tax paid by the citizens and visitors. Niveah has been able to develop good schools, build excellent harbors, and develop geothermal energy near the old volcano without high taxes. Because the wind blows almost constantly, they have also built wind turbines just offshore to provide for the rest of the island’s electric power needs, and built a seawater desalination plant to provide fresh water to the people.
Niveah’s primary natural resources are:
1. The ocean and the food it provides,
2. The oil reserves,
3. Sufficient fresh water to support farming when the rain is not enough,
4. Fertile soil at the foot of the mountains, and
5. The constant winds which run the wind turbine electric generators.

Regular employment is available from the farming businesses, the commercial fishing activities, and the tourist businesses. Even without an airport, the fabulous beach on Niveah’s southern shore has attracted enough visitors that a large hotel operates successfully and provides additional employment for the citizens. Some jobs are also provided by the oil platforms. Also, because Niveah has such low taxes, it has adopted laws which attract the management of foreign assets, for which several banking and financial firms have opened offices in Niveah, providing additional employment for the citizens and revenue for the country. With an eye to the future, Niveah has invested much in its schools and seeks to attract the best teachers available to its island home. While Niveah’s development is directly related to its geography and the wise use of its natural resources, much of what is needed for construction and daily life must be imported, so its shipping businesses also employ many of its citizens. There are few cars in Niveah, and most people travel