A New World Reflection Paper

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Eiman Sharifpour
Psych 4190- Reflection Paper #2
A New World The world is changing constantly, and it means that we are changing too. We, human beings, are the result of evolution that happened over millions of years; however, there are many people that even deny that. It will be always a mystery to me how some people are so devoted to a single book and belief and can’t look pass of simple and ancient traditions. As of right now, there are only few countries in the world that adopted this change, and are not relying on religion and traditional thoughts. Not surprisingly, people in these countries also have better life satisfaction and health. I am not sure but I am hoping that the whole world is moving toward a new lifestyle without restrictions based on traditions. Culture is not a bad thing but people should be able to be more expressive and free and live how they want to live. It is easy to talk about but for that to happen, many infrastructures of society such as education system and media should change in a way to allow a person to explore and learn all there is in the world and based on that choose his or her path. In such a world, I think everyone would have the right to have sex with any person they want, fall in love with any individual they like, and marry whoever they love. If some people figure out that they are gay, there should not be any direct nor indirect force that makes them feel like they are in minority, should be ashamed, or there is something wrong with them. In a world like that, being gay may not be as equal as being straight population wise, however being gay should be as ordinary as being straight. The same goes with the color of skin and race, gender, age and etc. People should not experience stress and anxiety over the way they look and the way they want to express themselves. Their thoughts should not be occupied with troublesome