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Click on the link below to take the 72 question online individual personality assessment test. The test is not timed but it usually takes 15-30 minutes to complete. Once you complete the test click the “score it” button. You should then be taken to a page that identifies your results. You should see your 4 letter personality style “Type” indicator. You should click into the Self-awareness and Personal Growth tab and read the description of your type. You should then click into the Career Choices tab and read what careers may be good for your type. Both these descriptions can be accessed from the results page of your survey after you have answered the 72 questions. Based on these two descriptions you should write a1-2 page double-spaced paper with 1” margins in Times New Roman #12 font and answer the following questions. Number your answers in your paper.

1. Identify and describe at least 4 characteristics of your style. 2. What is positive about your style in working with other people? 3. What potentially could be negative about your style in working with other people? 4. What type of career may be good for you based on your style in your opinion?

The assignment must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document through the assignments section on BB. Late assignments will not be accepted and will receive a zero. If you write at least a FULL (some writing must be on page 2) page and answer ALL the questions you will receive a 100%. You must also have zero spelling and grammar mistakes or you will get a zero. If you do not write at least a FULL page