What I Want In Life

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Kylanee Williams
April 30, 2014
BADM 101-01
Dr. Owens When I first wrote my Introduce Yourself paper at the beginning of this course I didn’t quite understand fully what makes me the person I am until I took this class. All I knew was what was brought down to me as a child far as morals, beliefs, and values growing up, and that this was a certain way how I needed to be in order to succeed. Everything might not have been what Kylanee wanted to do but it was all worth it. For example: I didn’t understand why I went to a private school until I got older, moved on another side of town, and went to a public school. Once I got there I was immediately put in honor programs and classes, and saw for my own eyes how much advanced I were from other students. And from that day forward I wasn’t ashamed to tell people what school I came from. As I got older getting a taste of the “real world” I got a better understanding of growing potentially rather than just physically. This course has helped me fulfill my four areas of potential growth in my life as in emotional potential, intellectual potential, physical potential, and social potential. So therefore, I know how I feel, what I want in life, how I think and my mindset when learning, how to maintain my body’s well-being, and how to relate to others. Starting college spring semester of 2014 my goals were clear and defined when I wrote my introduction paper. A short term and educational goal of mine was to simply finish this semester out with decent grades typically C’s and above because I heard how “hard” college is and the professors are strict. But of course we all strive for A’s and B’s. Also getting in summer school so I can be classified as a sophomore this Fall Semester. A personal goal I had is to start working by May so I can help my mother out with bills or whatever it is that she needs, and continue supplying my baby sister Brenin. An intermediate goal of mines was to be the first in my immediate family to graduate from an established university. My long term goals for the future was to finishing school out getting my degree in Accounting which is my major now, build my way up in the business industry to the top as a CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Once I do that for so long and save money I was going to go to flight school and pursuit my dream as a commercial pilot. I always wanted to fly for Continental Airlines but since it doesn’t exist anymore it’s called United Airlines. After looking into it more I did my research on it and you just have to have a degree, doesn’t matter what it’s in and 1500 flight hours in order to fly for an airline. Flight school is very expensive which is why I was going to save my money because I want to travel the world. My long term and professional goals changed after taking the classes that I take now. And not necessarily just my goals have changed but my perception of my future did as well. Instead of going to school for accounting, I’m going to just switch my major to engineering which was my first mind. I might as well jump into it now because I’ve been saying I wanted to be a pilot since I was talking, and I knew which airline I wanted to fly for when I took my first flight to Jamaica at 5 or 6. I want to go ahead and travel the world and get my fun out the way before I settle down and have kids. Because with this job I won’t be home as much, and I don’t want to be that parent that’s a “workaholic.” An educational goal changed, I increased the time I had for studying and doing my work. Immediately after I did that I got the results I wanted from my classes’ grade wise. I have a community service goal I want to pursuit which is volunteering to help out with or teaching autistic children. I plan on getting on that either this summer or next semester depending on how my schedule is looking. It’d be a great experience, I’m not even worried about the money for so, I just want to do something different and this is not common I see