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Art Paper
Skyler DeNeff

Out of the many fiber mediums currently in the Wexner art exhibit one of my favorites was one of the fiber weaves with multiple squares weaved into the piece. This piece was my favorite because it reminded me of the weaves I used to do in art class when I was in elementary school. Also, the piece contained various colors from greens, to blues, to violets, and to yellows. The various colors throughout made this piece very catching even from across the room even though it was maybe the size of my torso. This piece had very good presence even compared to the other pieces that were similar and the fact that the piece had not only weaving but the threads from the actual weave draping down in front of the black backing made this piece stand out above the rest in my mind. Those individual threads draping down the page in varying colors made me realize that although something may look simple, that more than likely a lot of thought went into making that piece stand out and have the presence it did. Compositionally, this piece is lacking because putting something in the middle of a page is typically a bad idea. However, because this was framed, and the fact that it is a different medium instead of an actual drawing we would do in class justifies this and helps make this piece one of my favorites at the exhibit. If this were a drawing I would have a completely different opinion on this piece purely because of the fact that in a drawing and in art typically the placement and its overall presence were very important. For example the hundreds of threads that were set in a v on the wall with the ends continuing to flow horizontally across the wall in another piece is a very good example of what this piece manages to do but in smaller