Reflection Paper On Bullying

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Reflection Paper The most difficult steps were to find the validity of the author and the source where I found my articles from. I have horrible anxiety, especially on the phone, and I have no spare time in my life to actually call the publishers and ask them questions so I only found what I could through even more internet search. I also found it difficult to find particular articles to my main point. My original subject was to find ‘bullying prevention in young boys’, but I could only find ‘bullying prevention in young children’ or simply ‘bullying prevention’. Some of the sources were harder to find than others and I feel that some of my sources weren’t the best areas that could have helped me. The benefits of this research process were actually really helpful to me. I had another paper for my Anatomy class that required an Annotated Bibliography as well so after doing my research from this class, I was able to get that bibliography done very well. It was probably the best grade I had in the class. I’m horrible at Anatomy so it could have saved me from getting a horrible overall grade. I learned a lot about the prevention of bullying in the age group the children I teach are in and that will definitely help me with teaching them better ways to treat their friends and also with my own children. My greatest achievement was probably learning how to research well. I would have loved to take this class earlier on because I’ve had papers that I struggled to find information for, but I hope that I’ll be able to use this in the future. I have some classes next quarter that I know I will struggle with,