Reflection Paper On Field Experience

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Culture Experience
My field experience assignment was to visit a place that I have never been or planned to go that would be considered outside of my comfort zone such as a synagogue, Buddhist Temple, or Korean Church. I immediately started feeling uncomfortable at the thought of going to a place with unfamiliar faces, races, and beliefs. I decided I would go to a Jewish church that I frequently pass on my way to the mall on Saturdays. Most Saturday mornings the traffic light in front of this church catches me or sometimes there is a police officer directing traffic in and out of the Jewish church. I always wondered why there would be so many people going to that church on a Saturday morning. Could it be due to weddings or perhaps funerals?
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We sing, dance, and give praise to Jesus Christ. We use the King James Holy Bible while listening to and reading scripture. We have two services which is the 9am-10:30am early bird service and the traditional service at 11am-1pm. Sunday is considered the Sabbath. This is what I am use to. I have been attending religious services this way for as long as I can remember. I could not imagine doing anything else religiously until yesterday when I completed my field experience assignment.

Yesterday, Saturday February 25th, I attended the 9am-12pm Shabbat morning worship service at the Ahavath Achim Synagogue. When I entered the parking lot of the synagogue I noticed a black policeman/greeter approaching my car. He advised me where to park as well as greeted me at the car. After explaining to him my reasoning for visiting the synagogue, he decided to take me on a tour of the facility. He showed me all of the buildings and explained what each building was used for. AAS has a school, banquet/party hall, museum, chapel, and sanctuary. The policeman/greeter advised that AAS is the oldest synagogue in Georgia and that they have many visitors on a daily basis. He then introduced me to Rabbi Sandler and advised him that I was a