Reflection Paper On Immigration

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John Gonzalez
Professor Leonard naturman
English composition 1030-65
18 December 2014
Reflection on Argument Essay Here in this essay is another important factor that many people may not know about. This is about the immigration policy of not allowing more immigrants enter the country. This is one of the most important events going on in America even until today! Also many people are unaware of this situation because it does not show up on the news as often as it did when it was the top issue. President Obama is determining which way should he prevent immigrants from coming into America but the thing is, in my opinion I believe it is impossible for that to happen. People from immigrating countries come from towns that are very poor but dangerous as well and want to start over and live a new life which is why the majority of people from different countries want to settle down in the United States. As you see this can be seen as a major controversy because this can lead to the immigrants taking the jobs from Americans and that would not be fair to Americans who have lived there their entire lives. Also it is an issue because of population reasons. The United States is already as crowded as it is and cannot afford more people to be coming in because there would be many people living on the streets and that is what no one wants. Writing this essay took me a long time to write because when I researched this controversy there was so many details and information that I had to