Reflection Paper On Procrastination

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Through the last nine weeks this class and my experiences have taught me so much about how to prepare myself for my future not only in my college courses but in my career path too. I started this path not really knowing what to expect but in desperate need for a change in my life. In all reality I didn’t realize how unprepared I actually was. This course imp articular taught me so much! I learned how to set goals for myself so that I could stay motivated and be able to visually see my completion of each goal. You separate your goals into short term and long term so that you can effectively schedule your tasks at hand in the correct order to accomplish all of your goals. When I realized that I had a fear of failing I was also directed in …show more content…
All of these tools show you how to make sure you can have pride and integrity in everything that you do.
In conclusion to this paper I have chosen to speak on collaborative learning environments and their benefits to education and your future careers. Being able to depend on one another is a huge part of collaborative learning because you are constantly in team or group atmospheres. You need to be able to speak with each other about a variety of different subjects to come to a conclusion. You build your knowledge on others knowledge and form a collected opinion. This to me seems like the best way to learn because you are mostly dealing with peoples first hand experiences. By doing all these things and communicating with you fellow classmates you are preparing yourself to interact at work and other social environments. It is a huge asset to be able to have so many different opinions and life experiences in one place. One of the biggest things that I will take with me and never forget is the video that was shown on the school they had where all the people got together from different walks of life (teachers, accountants, doctors, lawyers, etc.) and they brainstorm. They are able to create amazing things that not only has no one ever seen but also most of the population has never even thought of as being possible. By combining the visions, knowledge, and passions of so many people they are able to create dreams and fantasies into a persons reality.